New Year New Home, Sellers Get Ready!


Now that the Holidays are over the market will be picking up and buyers will be coming out looking for a new start in a new home. Are you ready to sell but not sure how to prepare your home to get the best return?

It’s the little things that can make a big difference. If your goal is to not simply sell your house, but to get the best price obtainable for your property in the shortest period of time, let us share some proven marketing techniques.

There are many ways to create a more exciting and saleable home, at surprisingly little cost. It is proven that people react favorably to a home shown under bright light. To achieve this effect you will want to make sure to keep your windows clean, use adequate wattage in light bulbs. Also, you can use mirrors to magnify the feeling of light and space.

When focusing on the front of the home, remember your property’s landscape is not limited to the lawn and shrubs but encompasses everything from the street to your doorstep. You definitely want to make sure the street front of your house is free of litter and debris. If necessary, give it a fresh sweep and remove weeds from cracks. Taking the time to neatly trim shrubs and mow the lawn cost little, but can have a huge impact. Besides being freshly mowed and trimmed, a lawn should look healthy.

The kitchen may be the most important room in the house. it can definitely have a major impact on the value of your property. Make sure the room is virtually spotless and smells fresh. Try putting a lemon wedge in the garbage disposal and grinding it up. If your cabinets are dated, give them a fresh look by installing new knobs or hardware.

For more tips like this, why not turn to Coldwell Bankers Home Enhancement Guide.

According to Stephanie Brooks, the Coldwell Banker Home Enhancement Guide is her go to when looking for tips.

Stephanie states that “The guide has simple, inexpensive, easy to do tips that don’t take a professional to accomplish. Every listing can benefit from this information”. In fact, she found it so valuable that she recorded a series of videos based on the Home Enhancement Guide. Follow her video series on or contact Stephanie for a copy today!

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