A Little Education Goes A Long Way

When it comes to buying (or selling!) a house, knowing what to expect can make the experience much smoother.  Knowing there may be help for the down payment and a variety of financing options to fit your situation—can make the dream of owning your own home a reality.

The Washington State Housing Finance Commission has put together a Homebuyer Class to make homeownership more affordable and the process of buying a home more understandable.  Once a buyer has taken the Free Commission-sponsored 5-hour class, they are certified for the next two years to access special loans and possibly down payment assistance, depending on the location of the home they want to buy.

Classes are lead by a Commission-trained real estate and mortgage professionals who present their expertise in an unbiased way.  Attendees will leave not only with a guide to home loans workbook, but also a starting point for their home-buying project, peace of mind, and answers to many questions they may have.  Additional resources will be available for anything that may come up along the way.

A Lender Representative will cover topics such as how many homes you can afford, how to budget, options to repair your credit if needed, kinds of loans, how to choose the best one for your situation, and options for down payment assistance.

A Real Estate Broker will cover topics like choosing your Real Estate Agent, selecting a home, negotiating a sale, the importance of a home inspection, the loan closing process, and foreclosure prevention.

Homebuyers looking to make the most of their budget by finding a home that qualifies for down-payment assistance may want to check out the culture and convenience of the Lincoln District in Tacoma’s South End.  Also known as the International District, it is home a variety of historic architecture styles and a diverse choice of cafes, specialty markets, and longstanding mom-and-pop stores.  The City of Tacoma recently dedicated funds to rejuvenate the area and to highlight the area, they will be hosting a Homebuyer Class in the heart of the Lincoln District on February 25th from 9 am – 2:30 pm.


For more information about the Homebuyer Education Seminar or to plan a casual coffee chat about your current estate needs, contact Kristina Loper at 253-778-6255 or www.kristinaloper.com.

 To register visit: http://bit.ly/LincolnHES


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