Broker Spotlight: Stephanie Brooks

captureI got my real estate license in November 2016. Before that, I served as a dental assistant for 13 years and have developed a passion for helping people so the transition to real estate felt natural. After clocking in and out for so long, working hard day in and day out, to make someone else a ton of money, a lightbulb went off and I realized how valuable I am.  It was a scary thing to do (giving up my steady income) but I made the commitment to go 100% real estate the first of the year because holding a part-time job was too difficult. It was getting in the way of my real estate business.

I choose Coldwell Banker Bain because of the amazing training! Like I said I was a dental assistant for 13 years and knew nothing about real estate. It was like a foreign language but in the new agent training class, I was welcomed into a fun, energetic and encouraging environment where I have learned so much. No question is a stupid question and I have lots!

When I’m not helping clients, I really enjoy treasure hunting! In the summer my husband and I spend our free time looking for things to repurpose. Almost everything I own is second hand. I also really enjoy cooking and spending time mingling at the farmers market.

I choose real estate as a profession because you get out what you put in, plus you get to make your own schedule. Right now, I don’t have kids so, therefore, I have the time to dive into my business full time but in the future, I do plan to be a mom and when that time comes being an agent allows me the freedom to work when I want. Also, I want to build a business that I’m able to pass on to my children.

Stephanie Brooks
T: 253-754-8078


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