Living In The Olympic Rain Shadow

Port Ludlow. All Northwest. Half the Rain.

If you’re familiar with the term Banana Belt and you have any experience with the Pacific Northwest, then you know that the term alone can cause excitement and delight.

As Pacific Northwesterners, we find it hard to sit still and remain inside on a nice sunny day. When the sun comes out on the Olympic Peninsula, it’s breathtakingly beautiful, it smells refreshing, and most people are in good moods while their bodies soak in the Vitamin D.

In Port Ludlow, we are not only surrounded by Mother Nature’s beauty, we also have another special quality – a rain shadow (aka the Banana Belt). That’s right – located in a place where out-of-staters claim that it “rains all the time,” we have a weather phenomenon known as the Olympic Mountain Rain Shadow.

Simply put, it means that storms heading inland from the Pacific Ocean dump most of their moisture on and around the Olympic Mountains, leaving a dry spot in North Puget Sound, right where Port Ludlow is located. Port Ludlow receives an annual average rainfall of just 27 inches compared to 40 or more inches that many other Puget Sound communities receive. Additionally, Port Ludlow’s bayside location moderates air temperatures, creating a warming effect in the winter and gentle cooling on hot summer days.

Mild summer temperatures rise for a few “hot days” (80-90 degrees), and winters are seldom below freezing, with only a few light snowfalls each year. All of this adds up to more days for you to enjoy golfing, boating, kayaking, walking, biking or just taking in all of the lush surroundings – but don’t forget the sunscreen!

If living in the Olympic Rain Shadow is something you’d enjoy, Port Ludlow now offers two neighborhoods with craftsman-inspired new homes. Visit us 7 days a week and tour one of the 4 model homes today!

Want to learn more?

Contact Chris Murphy at (360) 918-6497 or


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