Celebrate THEE Most Important Holiday Of the Year!

Perhaps for you St. Patrick’s Day might not loom as prominently as Christmas or the Fourth of July but it’s often been said that on St. Paddy’s Day, “We’re all Irish.” Couldn’t each of us use a bit of that “Luck of the Irish?

I’m reminded of a client who insisted his Celtic luck would see him through a successful home sale. Hmmm? I reflected on my own heritage and then on some of the maintenance issues of the house we were to sell.  Instead of shamrocks, green beer and leprechauns, we discussed loose gutters, rusted roof flashings and water in the crawlspace.

The point I had to make was that we all prepare for an eventual home sale…mmm…Now!  Of course, that sale might not be for years but what we neglect about our home today is bound to bite us ‘you know where’ when it’s time to sell and I promise, that pot at the end of the rainbow won’t be full of gold then, not if we put off small repairs now.  Why not spend $10 today to repair a small item instead of putting it off only to spend hundreds or more when you pay the professional who’ll have to repair what that minor defect grew into with time, weather, wear and tear?  Minor issue today. Major cost tomorrow.

C-1 PhotoDeferred maintenance is the enemy of any home seller!  It can’t be said loudly enough.  Of course, we don’t doubt that. It’s obvious but often it’s not motivating enough to get us to take a small step today instead of that giant leap when we’re faced with a million details to get ready to move.  The time to take care of it.  The time to deal with contractors. The cost of it all.

Invite your Coldwell Banker Bain Realtor (Tacoma 253-752-7777 or Puyallup 253-841-9100) over to take a walk through and around your home now. You might be surprised as what they point out that’s a small issue today but, from our experience, we know what it will cost to eventually repair or replace in just a few years or even months if we don’t tend to it soon.

And then you can relax and perhaps enjoy a taste of corned beef, colcannon and soda bread next weekend and…oh, go ahead. Admit it. St. Paddy’s Days will always be worth celebrating.  Slainte!

By Paddy O’Maddock, REALTOR®
E: patrickmaddock@cbbain.com
T: 253-229-8889



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