Tacoma Tool Library

Spring is here and many of us are planning home maintenance projects. Houses need repairs or updating at times and homeowners often prefer to save money by doing the work themselves. Carol Goforth, a Coldwell Banker Bain Realtor, is sure you would like to know about Tacoma’s Tool Library—-a library that lends tools! You may need an expensive tool only once, why invest in an expensive tool to complete a one-time project? First-time homeowners may not know which tool is best for a project or may not have extra funds to purchase it….so borrow a tool.

If you’ve sanded a floor and then need to sand the corners, there are different sanders one could use and the Tool Library has several you can borrow. Or if you don’ know which tool would be best for a project, ask the Tool Library volunteers, they are knowledgeable and helpful.

Tacoma’s Tool Library just celebrated its first year of successes: over 1100 tools in inventory and 1700+ tool loans. All tools are numbered and photographed and a catalog is on their website: tacomoatoollibrary.com Tool rental is for one week. Tools that are valued more than $200 require a deposit upon rental.

“We are excited about our new location in the Lincoln District” according to Board Member, Rebecca Solverson “we have a large collection of common and specialized tools, and are a great resource for first time home buyers.”

Membership is open to all—in any city or state! The library is a nonprofit business and suggested membership donation is $40 per person per year. The donation can be a monetary or a tool donation.

So if your project requires a hammer, wheel barrel or garden tools, a pressure washer or a ladder, you are in luck: borrow it from Tacoma’s Tool Library.

OPEN Wednesday 5pm to 8pm & Saturday 10am to 5pm
754 S. 38th Street, Tacoma, WA
Phone: 954-866-5253

MISSION: Tacoma Tool Library improves the quality of life in the South Sound by providing tools, education, space, and support to cultivate self-sufficiency while reducing waste.

VISION: We believe this will lead to empowered individuals, increased involvement, reduced consumption, more entrepreneurship, better-looking neighborhoods, a stronger sharing economy, and a more resilient community.

Carol Goforth Photo - Use this oneFor more information, call Carol Goforth at 253-376-3628 or email her at carolgoforth@cbbain.com.


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