Puyallup: A Special Place to Live

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Puyallup is a special place to live. For starters, Puyallup is full of rich history – from the iconic Washington State Fair (formerly the Puyallup Fair as most native citizens of Puyallup will call it) to the beautiful Meeker Mansion, which was built in 1890 by the first mayor of Puyallup, Ezra Meeker. The streets of downtown are filled with shops nestled in historic buildings that have stood the test of time – you will find anything from antique shops to restaurants to banks and everything in between.

But Puyallup is not just full of history it also features dozens of parks. Pioneer Park, which is located in the heart of downtown, stands as one of the best spots to visit in Puyallup. During the months of April to October, the park host tons of local vendors who are selling anything from fresh farm eggs to local produce to the prettiest flower arrangement that you ever did see. In the summer time, Pioneer Park and Bradley Lake Park feature live performance by local bands and family movie nights. Puyallup also opened their very first splash park in 2015 which has been a hit with all the local kiddos!

Puyallup would not be complete without its fair. The first fair was opened in October of 1900 and displayed local livestock along with the cities produce. Only a few hundred people attended that first fair but it has grown over the years and now attracts over 1.3 million people throughout the area. The tradition of livestock and produce lives on but the fair has added dozens of rides, games, restaurants, and more entertainment than one could imagine. One item that you are sure to enjoy is the “fair scone” – it is mouthwatering and oh so yummy! Be sure you do not miss out on grabbing a dozen during open season!

But what makes Puyallup really special are the people. This is a community that cares – from its school district to our local business owners. Just a few short months ago, one local restaurant was set to close its doors and had made the announcement via Facebook. Well, word got out and other local restaurants rallied around this business owner to help them stay open. This is the heart of the people here. The people look out for one another for Puyallup is truly a special place to live.

“I love Puyallup because it’s a great place for families, a place where families stay over generations and take their part in some really extraordinary traditions. We take our traditions seriously–the Fair, the Daffodil Festival, our agricultural heritage. Another thing we take seriously is education. Puyallup is an education community–we have long prided ourselves in our great schools, and that’s a tradition worth continuing.” Hans Zieger, Washington State Senator serving the 25th District.

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