Signs That It’s Time to Sell Your Home


Sometimes, it can be hard to determine if it’s worth all the efforts of selling your home and moving, but considering the following signs, it may be a great time to pack up and move along. These are 6 great signs that it is indeed time to sell your home, pack up, and move on to something and somewhere new:

  • Your Neighbors Made Bank Selling Their (Similar) Property: If any of your neighbors have sold a home at around the same size, in the same neighborhood, and with the same bathroom/bedroom count at a price you would be thrilled to receive, that may be a clue that the market is currently favorable to help you sell your home. A Coldwell Banker Bain REALTOR® can come see your property and usually provide you an estimate of what your home would sell for in its current condition for a minimal fee or even for free.
  • You Have More Children Than Bedrooms: As the kids grow up they will likely want their own space. If they are younger and sharing a bedroom now and moving to a larger home with more bedrooms is affordable, the extra space may be something that pays off for your family in the future.
  • Additions To Your Home Are Not Possible: If you are short on space and cannot add more space to your home due to the size of your property, that is a surefire indication that it is time to move on. Moving can offer more space without the added headaches of adding an addition to your current home.
  • You Feel The Need To Downsize: On the other hand, empty-nest families or families who have had a family member or two moves out may mean you need less space than you currently have. Moving to a smaller residence can save not only money but also the time that you would otherwise spend maintaining a larger home with space that you don’t need.
  • Consider Interest Rates: Interest rates are rather low right now so you will be lowering your monthly payments and paying more towards the principal value of the home than the interest rates if you purchase a home. Considering the difference between a new interest rate as opposed to your current interest rate, it may be worth buying a home now. You will be able to afford more home for your money with less interest add.
  • Some Home Remodels Add No Significant Value: If you have an older home, some updates may be worthwhile to the resale value of your home. However, depending on what you are looking to do to the home, it may not be worth the money you would spend on the renovation when you are looking to sell later. Talking to a Coldwell Banker Bain REALTOR® can help shed light on the updates you want to do and if they are beneficial to the resale value of your home. If the answer is no, moving on may be a better option.

For more information on when it’s time to sell your home and move on please feel free to send us a message or give us a call at (253) 752-7777.

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Blue Is Big

Blue is big. From the big blue sky to the deep blue sea, the world’s number one favorite color is everywhere you look. And in the world of real estate, blue stands for one of the biggest, most recognizable brands – Coldwell Banker. Visit today if you’d like to see just how big your career can get.

So what are some of the best questions to ask during an interview with a real estate brokerage?

Businessman holding Questions sign towards you

If you have never been in the real estate business you probably don’t know what questions to ask to make the best business decision for you.

There are many different business models.  I find it interesting when I get a call from someone and they say, “What are your fees and commission splits”?  That is typically not the right agent for me, their focus is wrong.  Or they may ask, “So how much money does a new agent make in real estate”?  People don’t like the answer but it is up to you.  How much time and energy do you want to put into it?   Are you willing to treat it like a job, show up every day?

If your answer is yes, next I will tell you that your income is a direct reflection of the price point in which you work.  Do you have a business plan?  If no, let’s make one!

There are all kinds of real estate business models.  Finding the right one for you is really important.  If you look at the major franchise companies and what they offer, what the fees are and what the splits are, in the end, they are all very similar.

I go back to, this is a relationship business.  Do you connect with the person you are meeting with?  How are they going to help you, are they even the one that is going to help you?  What kind of new agent training do they offer?  Is it live instruction, online or webinars, clock hour instruction, do you have to pay extra for it?

What happens if you have a legal problem?  How is that handled?  Who pays for legal defense?

Who is going to help me with my marketing and advertising?  If that is even available, how much does it cost?

What about tools, a CRM (Contact Management System), a CMA program for doing market analysis, Listing Syndication to the internet, is it offered, who pays for it, who gets the leads?  Will I have to make and pay for my own listing videos?  What about marketing materials, what is available and who pays for them?  Is there any advertising available?  Do you have floor time?  Where is my business going to come from, what about leads?  What is the franchise fee?  How large is your company, what is your market share?

I truly don’t think that real estate companies, in general, are out to get you, they are in business.  Some make their profits from fees and others from commissions.  Did you know you can go to work for real estate companies that will give you 90% or 100% of the commission?  Those firms are not where a new agent should be.  The liability in this industry is way too high to go it alone and that is what you would be doing in a firm like that.

To be successful having a CRM is important, a CRM should help you with contacting your database, keeping in touch with prospects and not forgetting about those you need to be in contact with.  This is something all agents get when they are a part of Coldwell Banker Bain.

A CMA program is going to help you with the valuation of a home that an owner wants to sell, how much is it worth.  Our CMA marries the MLS data with all of the wonderful Coldwell Banker Bain marketing pieces not only showing the seller the value but what the agent will do to market the home and what sets them apart from the competition.

Listing syndication is really important.  All of our agent’s listings are syndicated to 19 real estate websites which in turn syndicate to an additional 500 sites.   Here is the best part, our agents receive all of their own leads directly.  Most real estate companies if they syndicate listings will direct the leads to the firm and the firm will sell the leads as referrals to other agents in the firm.

Video is where it is in real estate.  Coldwell Banker Bain automatically makes a video for every single agent’s listing, did you know that Coldwell Banker has the largest real estate channel on YouTube?  Well, they do!

The superior marketing pieces at Coldwell Banker Bain really set our agents apart from the competition.  Both the digital and print presentations are exceptional and fully customizable.  Cbx is also a tool unique to Coldwell Banker, a digital pricing presentation that also shows agents and sellers where their buyer is most likely to come from.  This can be used for target marketing to those likely to buy.

Most agents if left to do their own advertising, especially when new and on a budget, usually don’t.  We offer digital and print advertising to better help our sellers get their home sold and generate leads for our agents.

I find it interesting that most real estate companies no longer offer floor time.  I think that is because there is little thought as to where they are located and no budget to generate floor business.  Our three Tacoma branches are located in very desirable neighborhoods and communities, Proctor, Pt. Ruston and The Village at Chambers Bay in University Place.  Our beautiful Puyallup branch is located on South Hill with easy access to Highway 512, downtown Puyallup and the Meridian corridor.

Franchise offices typically charge a 6% franchise fee, at Coldwell Banker Bain, Bain pays your franchise fee to Coldwell Banker!

One other thing you should also know about Coldwell Banker Bain, we are Coldwell Banker’s largest franchise in the world with 32 offices from Bellingham to Oregon City.  Our agents are a part of something bigger.  They can go into any one of our branches, log on to the computers with their codes, copy and scan, use conference rooms and get assistance from staff and managers.  Market share comes with ease with such a large company!

So here are my top 23 questions to ask a real estate brokerage when interviewing.  I hope you will consider Coldwell Banker Bain and we would be happy to answer these questions and more.  I wish you all the very best in your new real estate career!

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Tasha Pasco, Principal Managing Broker
Coldwell Banker Bain Tacoma | Puyallup

What can I expect when getting into the real estate business, I know there are fees.


There are going to be things that will cost the same no matter which company you decide to hang your license with.

Let’s start with those and then we can talk about other charges you could incur.

So in my previous blogs, you have learned what you will pay for training, testing and what the state is going to charge you to activate your license.  Those are all the same no matter where you work.

You will also have to join the NWMLS.  This is the computer program that has all of the inventory in it to know what is for sale, what is pending and what has sold.  You will use this to help buyers find homes and to also help sellers come up with market value when they want to sell.  You have no choice, you have to be a member.

The NWMLS is going to charge you a onetime $25.00 application fee and $40.00 a month.  They bill in May and November for six months at a time.  If you join at a different time they will prorate your charges up to the next 6-month billing cycle.

The biggest scariest fee you will incur is joining the Association of Realtors.  The Realtors are a group that lobbies for homeowner rights and rights of the real estate professionals.  They are always looking for ways to protect the rights and laws for all of us in regard to the real estate industry.  Back in 2007 and 2008, they lobbied for the first time home buyers tax credit keeping a lot of home buyers in the market that would have otherwise not been in the market to buy a home. That was good for the industry and the homeowner.  They also lobbied for the Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act, this allowed sellers that had to short sale their primary residence the ability to not have to pay income tax on the shorted amount to the bank.  The IRS wanted them to pay tax as if they received that money as income, those people typically did not have that kind of money.  With that act, it kept a lot of inventory coming on the market keeping our industry going and helping lots of home sellers.

The Realtors is broken down into Tacoma/Pierce County, Washington State, and National.  The first time you join there is an application fee of $100.00.  Annual membership is $637.00.  If you join at another time other than January, you will still be charged the application fee and be charged a lesser annual fee, it is not completely prorated.  I am happy to share that with you if interested.

You will also need to get an app for your smartphone to access the key boxes that are in the homes for sale.  Inside the keybox is the key to the home.  When you access the keybox it will register that you opened it and at what time, providing the listing agent who was there and when.  There is a $50.00 application fee and a monthly fee of $14.09.

There will be other fees based on company, business model, franchise etc.  Check out my next blog to see what some of the best questions to ask during an interview are!

Let’s move on to the questions to ask!

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Tasha Pasco, Principal Managing Broker
Coldwell Banker Bain Tacoma | Puyallup

So I passed the Washington State Real Estate licensing exam, now what?


Well, you passed the test, congratulations!  Now the real learning begins.

As difficult or easy as you found the training and test to be, it has nothing to do with being a successful real estate broker.

The part I find amazing about the hiring process in real estate is that a new licensee can walk in to just about any real estate office and the manager will hire them.  They will all tell you why they are the best place to work and why you should join.

There are many different business models out there.  They differ from what tools they have, fees, commissions, and training.  What do things cost, what does the firm offer, who will train you?  Those are all great questions.

Something I can tell you is that the real estate business is a relationship business.  You are not a salesperson.  You are a matchmaker, negotiator, great listener, and communicator.

When you talk to different managers that should also be about the relationship.  That is the person that is going to guide you to success or not.  Do they love their job, are they passionate about helping you?  Are they going to be the one to meet you to help you write that first deal, come up with an awesome business plan, really show you what you need to do, not just tell you to do stuff?

I have been in the real estate business for over 30 years, I love my job!  I have hired over 500 people to either get into the real estate business or to join me from other firms.  I know when I meet new agents I am looking for something special.  My business model is not to hire the most, it is to hire the best.

When you interview with different agencies, you do the interviewing.  It is just as important for you to interview them as it is for them to interview you.  This is a big decision, if you do not make the right one from the beginning it can cost you a lot of money and time before you really get going.

Before we get into the differences let’s talk about the things that are the same, check out my next blog.  What can I expect when getting into the real estate business, I know there are fees.

More information about real estate fees here.

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Tasha Pasco, Principal Managing Broker
Coldwell Banker Bain Tacoma | Puyallup

How exciting! So you think you want to get into the real estate business!

So, let’s talk about it.

The first step is to sign up for and take a state-approved 90 clock hour course.  You can do this either online or there is also live instruction.

If online is your thing, I highly recommend The Rockwell Institute, they have the highest online passing ratio. Their course is $489.00.  With online training, you get to do this at your leisure when you have the time.  Your computer registers your time so you must log 90 hours and pass a test before they will share with you how to go about registering to take the State licensing test.  I also have a discount link to Rockwell saving you $50.00, so if this is your preferred training, let me know and I will send it to you.

However if you feel live instruction is better suited to your learning style, I would recommend The Gateway School of Real Estate.  This is an evening course offered at my office in University Place in the Spring and Fall.  This course is $495.00.  Dale Shoemaker is the instructor and you can give him a call at 253-381-3323.  He is great!  Dale has been in the real estate business all of his adult life.  He makes learning fun and easy.


Once you complete your training and pass the course test you will be eligible to take the State test to obtain your Washington State real estate license!  The testing centers are H and R Block offices.  They are going to charge you $138.25 to take the test.  They will allow you to bring a pencil, paper and calculator, nothing else.  You will have 3 and a half hours to complete the two parts of the test, the state portion, and the national portion.  If you do not pass both portions you will have to take the unpassed portion again, and pay the full fee again.  The good news is they show you where you were weak so you can study up!

Make sure you look your best, they will be taking your photo!  When you pass they will give you your temporary application that you will take to your brokerage to sign up and instructions to get your fingerprints!  The State of Washington is going to charge you $146.25 to process your application.

Now the real training begins, the course you took teaches you how to pass the test.  Now you need to learn how to be a successful real estate broker!

Check out my next blog, So, I passed the Washington State Real Estate licensing exam, now what?

Here is the next Step!

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Tasha Pasco, Principal Managing Broker
Coldwell Banker Bain Tacoma | Puyallup

Congratulations, Stephanie Callen, on being named Washington’s CRS Realtor of the Year!

Stephanie Callen.jpgColdwell Banker Bain (CB Bain) of Puyallup, a leading provider of luxury real estate brokerage services, has announced that The Residential Real Estate Council has named CB Bain broker Stephanie Callen as Washington’s CRS Realtor of the Year. Annually awarded to a broker holding a CRS designation, it is the organization’s highest honor and recognizes professional accomplishments in both experience and education.

Formerly known as the Council of Residential Specialists, The Residential Real Estate Council (RRC) is the largest non-profit affiliate of the National Association of REALTORS®, offering education and networking to residential real estate agents around the world. The Council has an extensive network of spokespeople, who have wide range of expertise in a variety of real estate-related subjects, from general real estate to specialized topics such as trends and business-related topics.

Callen has been a real estate broker for 12 years, all with CB Bain, specializing in residential, luxury and investment properties throughout the region. In addition to her CRS, Callen holds Graduate Realtors Institute (GRI) and Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR) designations. She is immediate past president of Washington Chapter of Council of Residential Specialist and in 2015 was awarded Coldwell Banker National’s International President’s Premier Award.


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