Looking To Sell In Spring? Here Are Some Tips!

When selling your home, the buyers first impression is important. Your yard can make a big impact on getting buyers through the front door to see your home.  Especially after the cold rainy winter months.A-1 Photo

  1. Remove the debris. If the winter’s seemingly incessant wind, rain, and snow have done a number on your trees, start your clean-up efforts by collecting the fallen branches and scattered sticks. You also can rent a wood-chipper from many garden or hardware stores and turn your debris into mulch.
  2. Rake dead leaves and twigs. Last year’s leaves will make great compost, but not if they keep the grass from absorbing sunlight. Thoroughly rake the yard and garden beds and, if you don’t plan to compost, investigate whether your town will be making special arrangements to collect bagged leaves.
  3. Prune and trim. Prune back weatherworn bushes and hedges as well as any perennials that look overgrown. Trim damaged tree limbs and branches that you can reach, and decide if needed, for a professional tree trimmer to take care of the rest.
  4. Map out landscaping and garden plans. If you’re going to make any changes to your
    current landscaping, make a sketch of your lawn indicating what sort of trees, shrubs, or plants you’d like to add. Even for DIY types, it’s always a good idea to consult with a gardener or landscaper at the nursery before making any final decisions or purchases.
  5. Start planting. Check the planting dates on your new purchases. Any plants, trees or shrubbery hearty enough to survive early spring’s still cool nights can be put in the ground now.
  6. Use Planters. Bright floral filled planters can cheer up a front entryway or porch. Don’t forget your deck or patio. Larger planters with Japanese maples or a small shrub can dress up an area. Making an inviting retreat to relax in.

 “Outside and inside make the home you are selling shine. Potential Buyers will envision themselves enjoying the yard and making new memories in their new home. A little time in the yard and garden can have big payoffs when selling a home.” ~ Mary Klein, Coldwell Banker Bain

Mary Klein Photo 2016

For more helpful tips, do not forget to call your local realtor!

Mary Klein


Celebrate THEE Most Important Holiday Of the Year!

Perhaps for you St. Patrick’s Day might not loom as prominently as Christmas or the Fourth of July but it’s often been said that on St. Paddy’s Day, “We’re all Irish.” Couldn’t each of us use a bit of that “Luck of the Irish?

I’m reminded of a client who insisted his Celtic luck would see him through a successful home sale. Hmmm? I reflected on my own heritage and then on some of the maintenance issues of the house we were to sell.  Instead of shamrocks, green beer and leprechauns, we discussed loose gutters, rusted roof flashings and water in the crawlspace.

The point I had to make was that we all prepare for an eventual home sale…mmm…Now!  Of course, that sale might not be for years but what we neglect about our home today is bound to bite us ‘you know where’ when it’s time to sell and I promise, that pot at the end of the rainbow won’t be full of gold then, not if we put off small repairs now.  Why not spend $10 today to repair a small item instead of putting it off only to spend hundreds or more when you pay the professional who’ll have to repair what that minor defect grew into with time, weather, wear and tear?  Minor issue today. Major cost tomorrow.

C-1 PhotoDeferred maintenance is the enemy of any home seller!  It can’t be said loudly enough.  Of course, we don’t doubt that. It’s obvious but often it’s not motivating enough to get us to take a small step today instead of that giant leap when we’re faced with a million details to get ready to move.  The time to take care of it.  The time to deal with contractors. The cost of it all.

Invite your Coldwell Banker Bain Realtor (Tacoma 253-752-7777 or Puyallup 253-841-9100) over to take a walk through and around your home now. You might be surprised as what they point out that’s a small issue today but, from our experience, we know what it will cost to eventually repair or replace in just a few years or even months if we don’t tend to it soon.

And then you can relax and perhaps enjoy a taste of corned beef, colcannon and soda bread next weekend and…oh, go ahead. Admit it. St. Paddy’s Days will always be worth celebrating.  Slainte!

By Paddy O’Maddock, REALTOR®
E: patrickmaddock@cbbain.com
T: 253-229-8889


Broker Spotlight: Grace Elgar-Wood

This week’s spotlight features Grace Elgar-Wood:

I chose Coldwell banker Bain because of Tasha Pasco, Coldwell Banker Bain Tacoma/Puyallup’s Principal Managing Broker, was very persuasive about my joining this company.  She kept in touch with me monthly and showed me that I was important and wanted.  Secondly, their mentoring system and education are amazing.  I love spending time at the sales meeting and the new agent classes.  I am learning a lot and building up to be a Fearless Realtor.

captureWhen I’m not helping my clients, I like to work on my sphere of influences, calling, updating and adding to it.  Contacting them is easy through the great company tools provided by CBBain.  I also like spending time sending out personalized notes, going to events and doing face-to-face time with my clients.
Although I’ve only been in this new and exciting career for only a few months, I know that customer service is essential and my previous career has greatly prepared me in providing an exceptional customer service experience to my clients.  I don’t regret changing careers as now I can live my dreams for myself and for my family.

Grace Elgar-Wood, REALTOR®
Visit her website at graceelgarwood.coldwellbankerbain.com

Broker Spotlight: Steven Jacobsen

My dad has been in real estate for over 50 years in the Pierce and Kitsap county areas. He recently gave up his license but works spending every day except Sunday working on many of the properties he has acquired. I feel comfortable with the staff at the Coldwell Banker Bain office on Bridgeport Way

I feel comfortable with the staff at the Coldwell Banker Bain office on Bridgeport Way.  I was acaptureble to meet and get to know them while attending Dale Shoemaker’s real estate licensing class.

If I am not hanging out with my family, I am working out at the gym. I also, enjoy golfing and spending time with college and other friends. I have a degree in business from Pacific Lutheran University. When I graduated from college, I worked in the corporate world for a few years before purchasing Coast Home Improvement, a local company which I owned and operated for 24 years.

I have a degree in business from Pacific Lutheran University. When I graduated from college, I worked in the corporate world for a few years before purchasing Coast Home Improvement, a local company which I owned and operated for 24 years.

I was interested in taking on a new challenge and since I have invested in real estate for years, I have always had an interested in pursuing it as a career. My goal was to either be a professional basketball player or a standup comedian. Since neither of these worked out, I ended up in the home improvement and real estate business.

Steve Jacobsen

Home Buying Steps

A Step-By-Step Guide To The HomeBuying Process


Getting Started

You’ve decided to purchase a home!  Buying a home is an exciting and smart investment.  Homeownership brings a sense of security and the freedom of having your own space.  Financially it can provide a tax shelter and the opportunity to build equity.

How much can you afford? 

Before you begin searching for a new home, you need to determine a realistic budget that takes into consideration your current debt (credit cards, loans, etc.)  as well as homeowner expenses, such as taxes, insurance utilities, and maintenance.

Getting Pre-approved

A lender will loan you money if they are sure your credit is strong and if they are confident you can pay them back.

Decide on a Mortgage

After you are pre-approved for a mortgage, it’s time to decide on a mortgage type.  There are many types of mortgages, and choosing the right one for you is an important decision.

Fine Tune Your Budget

Down Payment is how much you pay upfront.

Monthly Mortgage costs include the mortgage, homeowner’s insurance, mortgage insurance, and escrow deposits which can be combined with the monthly mortgage payment.

Closing Costs include appraisals, title insurance, inspections, attorneys, title transfers and additional fees.

The Fun Begins!

“One of the many advantages of working with a real estate agent is having the access to multiple listings. Your agent can provide a detailed description of any property that interests you. “  ~ Brenda Potts

brenda-potts-3The home buying basics guide along with a Realtor is the roadmap to your new home.  Contact me and let me show you the way home.

Brenda Potts
(425) 577-0351

Living In The Olympic Rain Shadow

Port Ludlow. All Northwest. Half the Rain.

If you’re familiar with the term Banana Belt and you have any experience with the Pacific Northwest, then you know that the term alone can cause excitement and delight.

As Pacific Northwesterners, we find it hard to sit still and remain inside on a nice sunny day. When the sun comes out on the Olympic Peninsula, it’s breathtakingly beautiful, it smells refreshing, and most people are in good moods while their bodies soak in the Vitamin D.

In Port Ludlow, we are not only surrounded by Mother Nature’s beauty, we also have another special quality – a rain shadow (aka the Banana Belt). That’s right – located in a place where out-of-staters claim that it “rains all the time,” we have a weather phenomenon known as the Olympic Mountain Rain Shadow.

Simply put, it means that storms heading inland from the Pacific Ocean dump most of their moisture on and around the Olympic Mountains, leaving a dry spot in North Puget Sound, right where Port Ludlow is located. Port Ludlow receives an annual average rainfall of just 27 inches compared to 40 or more inches that many other Puget Sound communities receive. Additionally, Port Ludlow’s bayside location moderates air temperatures, creating a warming effect in the winter and gentle cooling on hot summer days.

Mild summer temperatures rise for a few “hot days” (80-90 degrees), and winters are seldom below freezing, with only a few light snowfalls each year. All of this adds up to more days for you to enjoy golfing, boating, kayaking, walking, biking or just taking in all of the lush surroundings – but don’t forget the sunscreen!

If living in the Olympic Rain Shadow is something you’d enjoy, Port Ludlow now offers two neighborhoods with craftsman-inspired new homes. Visit us 7 days a week and tour one of the 4 model homes today!

Want to learn more?

Contact Chris Murphy at (360) 918-6497 or ChrisMurphy@CBBain.com.

New Happenings At Point Defiance

Tacoma’s skyline is changing, with new vistas opening up in some of the city’s best-loved locations.

There’s no hiding the work underway at 760-acre Point Defiance Park, a regional attraction that draws more than 3 million visitors annually. So we asked Metro Parks officials to tell us what’s going on. The answer: plenty.

Most obviously, a massive earth-moving project has occurred along the waterfront, where a portion of a federally designated Superfund site is undergoing a transformation. Over the next two years, Metro Parks expects to complete two key projects there.

One is Wilson Way, a 600-foot-long, elevated, bicycle-pedestrian trail, and bridge that will link the park’s trails to Point Ruston and beyond to Ruston Way. At its highest point, the bridge will be 50 feet above the ground and offer an unimpeded perspective of Mount Rainier, Tacoma, Vashon Island and Puget Sound.

“It’s going to be panoramic: more than 180 degrees,” said Roger Stanton, Metro Parks project administrator. “You’ve never seen these views before. Without this project, you couldn’t.”

The bridge will carry cyclists and pedestrians over a new boat-trailer parking lot, across the Vashon ferry access road, and eventually deliver them to a new park loop trail, near the Japanese garden and the park’s bowl area.

On its east end, the Wilson Way trail will connect with a new 11-acre park being built on the former Asarco slag peninsula. For the space, Portland-based artist Adam Kuby will create a sculpture called Alluvion that harks back to the origin of the peninsula and the former Ruston copper smelter that previously dominated the adjacent landscape.

Like Wilson Way, the peninsula park will feature dramatic views. It’s an area wide open for events and other recreational activities and is scheduled to open in 2018.

At the park’s Pearl Street entrance, plans call for construction this year of a roundabout to improve traffic flow into and out of the park and to and from the Vashon ferry dock.

Future development plans for the so-called Triangle area, just east of the Pearl Street entrance, will be discussed at Metro Parks “visioning” sessions planned for later this year.

Meanwhile, inside Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, workers are building:

  • The Pacific Seas Aquarium, due to open in 2018
  • The Environmental Learning Center, a joint project with Tacoma Public Schools. It will serve students of the Science and Math Institute (SAMI), Zoo visitors and staff.

You can read more about the exciting improvements at DestinationPointDefiance.org.