“I can’t say enough good things about our managing Broker Tasha Pasco, but I’ll try by sharing my experience with her.  I’ve been an active Broker with Coldwell Banker since 1990, and there are times I still need help with a problem or challenge that is happening in a transaction. She is there to answer my questions, and provide insight and good ideas and suggestions on how best to resolve an issue.  The support, encouragement and respect shown to me by Tasha and all of our office staff gives me confidence to do what I need to do, knowing they always have my back.”

By Suzanne Mihal, Coldwell Banker Bain Tacoma


“Starting a new career is nerve wracking. I quickly realized that passing the real estate exam was just a tiny little part of becoming a realtor. With having low confidence and being a new in the field, I quickly realized that I was lucky to have Tasha as my managing broker and a trainer.

I walked into the office worried. I remember Tasha looked at me, and said “don’t worry, we won’t fail you”. Her saying that was so powerful, that made me feel like I wasn’t alone. She indicated that it wasn’t me after all. We, as team work together. That simple gesture meant a lot to me.

Once I got my license, things were handled fast and professionally. The staff from Coldwell Banker Bain were helping to set up the business for me. Tasha was right there when I needed her.  She always includes new realtors in any opportunities that will help establish and build our career. I feel as if she is always [pointing me in the right direction. My overall confidence has grown as I know I am associated with a great company with tremendous resources; the best in Tacoma.

I look forward to working with Tasha and pursuing my career with Coldwell Banker Bain for long period of time. So far, it’s been a fun and exciting experience with a bright future ahead!

Thank you, Tasha!”

By April Callies, Coldwell Banker Bain Tacoma


“I have the pleasure of working with Tasha at University Place Tacoma Main Office.  In my first year she put in the time to train new agents twice a week.   In these training sessions she provided us with knowledge and guided us to the tools that are necessary for success. Tasha is always willing to share any information that’s helpful from events she’s attended. The information through sample contracts, role playing, and instructions has helped many inexperienced agents through their first year.

Tasha’s organizational skills are tremendous.  In our once a week sales meeting if there is a change in our addendums, she makes sure that issue is addressed.  When I’m involved with a transaction Tasha makes sure I have the right paperwork to make the transaction work from begging to end. She has organized office events that gives our office a high moral, and a sense of family.

Tasha is a team player and it shows with the friendly and cooperative environment that prevails in our office. “

By Matthew Emge, Coldwell Banker Bain Tacoma


“My experience working with Tasha at Coldwell Banker Bain has been wonderful. Besides using the Coldwell Office in Tacoma for me clients, I can take my clients to any Coldwell Banker location, which means all of Puget Sound is my office. For example, all printers are hooked to my computer for printing and scanning. My clients feel welcome throughout the Coldwell Banker Bain Group working with me as their Broker.

In addition, there are always plenty of classes, meetings and emails filled with information vital to me as I represent my customers.

The other agents are fun and very ready to lend a “helping hand” with anything you need, even carrying packages from my car.

Please join us with Coldwell Banker Bain to enhance your Real Estate Business with an absolutely “Professional and Knowledgeable Organization.”

By Barry Jaroslow, Coldwell Banker Bain Tacoma


“New in the area, I recently picked Tasha while researching the best place for me.  After 2 1/2 hours of meeting Tasha, I knew it was going to be a great fit.  Tasha was the only one who provided tangible, detailed material that would allow me to review again.  The professionalism and experienced knowledge is exactly what any Broker needs.  She has it!  The office staff has made it so easy for the new transition and the website is completely up to date making it easy to insert my name and start producing.   Thank you, Tasha.”

By Myra Ingley, Coldwell Banker Bain Tacoma


“I’ve been in real estate for 18 years and have had a few different managing brokers. Tasha is definitely a cut above, so much so, I followed her from her last position with another company to Coldwell Banker Bain. For anybody just starting in real estate, there’s NO better place to be than with Tasha. She knows her stuff. Tasha teaches, and I mean REALLY teaches brokers the steps to take to succeed in real estate. For somebody like me, in the business for a while, she still takes the time to talk with me about my goals and how to reach them. She’s very involved with all of her brokers, which is almost unheard of. She really does care and wants all of us to succeed. I have a lot of respect for Tasha and what she’s doing for Coldwell Banker Bain. They are extremely lucky to have her, and we are too.”

By Shelly Schmidt, Coldwell Banker Bain Tacoma


“When I met Tasha Pasco I was interested in real estate but had not yet decided to become a broker. Tasha convinced me in one meeting that not only was becoming a broker very possible, but that becoming a Coldwell Banker Bain Broker was optimal! She was right on both counts!

I am now a happily licensed Realtor, am participating in an incredible training program, and am enjoying the support of my new team. As the Principal Managing Broker, Tasha leads with excellence. She is smart, experienced and dedicated, but even more than that, she is always cheerful and positive. When she challenges her team to excel, she does it with the desire to see us succeed, and cheers for us when we do!

I’m so glad I made the choice I did. If you are considering a career in real estate, do yourself a favor, and schedule a meeting with Tasha!”

By Jackie Green, Coldwell Banker Bain Tacoma

“Imagine for just a moment what it would be like to have turned your back on a safe and secure job. You are starting a dream job but are completely overwhelmed, somewhat lost and not even sure which way to turn or what step to take next.

Arriving on the scene and to the rescue is Tasha Pasco. As the managing broker for Coldwell Banker Bain in Tacoma, she has been my guide. She has been calm when I was freaked. She has been steady when I was a bundle of nerves. She was always there and answered some of what I am sure were ridiculous questions within minutes of my asking.

If you should find yourself wondering where you might want to hang your license, I cannot recommend Tasha Pasco highly enough. She is hard working, ethical, on top of what is happening with not only Coldwell Banker but also the real estate market. She has been the guide that I needed and her enthusiasm has given me the confidence to know that I can be a successful real estate broker!”

By Christine Zahn, Broker Coldwell Banker Bain Tacoma

“I have come to respect and appreciate her in so many ways. She not only offers support on matters of contract but also provides innovative ideas and techniques which are geared toward improving my business. Her positive attitude and concern for each individual Broker are evident in all that she does. She is quick to acknowledge accomplishments and to offer assistance when needed. I truly enjoy working with Tasha; she has inspired me to achieve greater results in my business.”

By Joyce Hill, Certified Residential Specialist | Coldwell Banker Bain Tacoma


“As a new Associate with Coldwell Banker Bain, I am constantly impressed, inspired and influenced with our Principal Managing Broker, Ms. Tasha Pasco. She has the gift of unlocking people’s potential with her positive attitude and conveyed assurance that her support will always be available. Ms. Tasha Pasco continually strives to learn the heartbeat of the real estate market so she may be able to impart to her associates means to be ahead of the competition. How she conducts herself reminded me of how a famous businessman and writer, Peter Drucker had defined leadership – the ability of lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond normal limitations.

I am gifted with the chance to work with her as I see more possibilities unlocked!”

By Susan Perez, Broker Coldwell Banker Bain Tacoma